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Located in the high end residential district, Repulse Bay is a 23 storey residential apartment block. Situated on the mountain end, this crest shaped building required an innovative construction solution. Added to this, with both sides being occupied by residents, the working hours being restricted to 10 hrs per day, no work allowed on Sundays and public holidays. A fast track method was called for. Therefore, the contractor decided to use FHS Hydraulic Self Climber system.

About 850m2 wall formwork was supplied for the four core walls and due to the complexity in shape the steel panels were designed in such a way that it followed the shape of the walls as it climbed with stripping panels.

A temporary steel column was designed to tie back and compensate for the contour of the wall and the wall drop off. With this design the self climbing system was still able to achieve a four day cycle.

Temporary steel column was introduced to install one self climber at one end of corewall.

Flying tableform (truss type) of tableform with steel beam side was supplied for 2 floors.

12m long table form was designed to reduce transfering time.

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