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With the government pushing for recycling of waste water to strengthen our own supply resources, the above project was developed at the Tanah Merah Coast area.

Because of the water tightness qualification, the contractor had to use cast in stainless steel tie rods for all the wall formwork.

In order to have a cost saving on huge quantities required for the stainless steel tie rod, the contractor engaged us to come up with a solution to cast the wall without any cast in tie rod.

Our design team managed to come up with a system using a Soldier Truss for casting the wall measuring 6,000mm in height x 24,000mm in length of 1,000mm thick in one cast without any through ties. With the tight schedule and sizeable site, the total supply for the vertical formwork was more than 3,000m2.

Special formwork was also designed and supplied for the so called Kicker.

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